Audio: Buzz #155

BUZZ #155

Vysíláno na stanici Radio 1 6. října 2018 od 20 do 22 hodin.

Seznam skladeb:

Glass Candy – Naked City 

Heavens Blade – Spoiled Rotten

Portrayal Of Guilt – Chamber of Misery (Pt. I)

Atmosphere – Jerome Mi Vida Local)

Atmosphere – Stopwatch (Mi Vida Local)

Father – Mirror, Mirror (Awful Swim)

Kendrick Lamar – Gang Member (Bad Kid Chill City)

Kendrick Lamar – The Only Nigga (Bad Kid Chill City)

Pictureplane – Gatecrasher (Degenerate)

tumortumor – 4/4

Euclid C Finder – Morning Glory Memory (Quantico 3mph)

The Hirs Collective – Wake up Tomorrow (feat. Witchcraft) (Friends. Lovers. Favorites)

The Hirs Collective – Last Acrylic Nail in the Coffin (Friends. Lovers. Favorites)

The Hirs Collective – Invisible (feat. Shirley Manson) (Friends. Lovers. Favorites)

Idles – Never Fight A Man With A Perm (Joy as an Act of Resistance)

+ Mix – Mumdance

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