My Apartment: Interactive Theatrical Performance

Do you remember the first time you lived on your own?

Do you remember the first night in your apartment?

Do you also spy on your neighbours‘ sounds?

My Apartment is a personal search that explores the loneliness of a foreigner, connection with invisible neighbors as well as deep confusion about what it means to have, feel, and find a “Home”.

My Apartment is directed and performed by Ine Ubben, Belgian student in the English Program of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre (KALD). Originally created and designed on small scale during the Proces Festival of KALD in January 2018, this newly developed and updated version will be performed in Divadlo DISK fall 2018.

Starting with a girl moving to Prague city center from the quiet countryside of Belgium, My Apartment is an interactive performance that not only builds the connection between the girl and her neighbors as well as between the performer and the audience. The Apartment is pictured and bulit in the imagination of the audience, with the help of the objects taken from a travelbag, sounds from the neighbors, and the audiences own participation. With actions, sounds, stillness, together the apartment comes to life.

As a counterweight to a world dominated by screens and the distance we create between ourselves and others by using these screens, My Apartment theatrically transforms (the feeling of) loneliness by using direct interaction, play, and imagination as a way to invite the audience to connect. The main tools are interaction and a raw score that still leaves room for chance, accidents, and coincidence to happen.

“You can accept whatever comes from the audience. You showed that weakness is power and power is weakness. It was may be the first time ever I participated in something. Because I know that you will not injure me in anyway.” ——by Robert Smolik

Too Curious? Come and join us. Make your own journey.

English-friendly. Around 60 minutes.

Premiere at 19:30 October 1st 2018 in Divadlo Disk.

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