Audio: Sleepclubbing 20

Pražské Radio 1 odvysílalo 20. díl pořadu Sleepclubbing.

Záznam je možné poslechnout si na mixcloudu, odehrané skladby mají svůj playlist na Spotify. Zároveň byl aktualizován přehratelný playlist se všemi skladbami, co kdy ve Sleepclubbingu zazněly.

Další díl se vysílá 28.9.2022.

Stránka pořadu na webu Radia 1:

Odehrané skladby:

rhoda dakar – as dub goes by
big joanie – in my arms
vieux farka touré – savanne
(gaudi ft steel pulse – cry duvbber)
chemical brothers – where do i begin
the witches + nick cave – shivers – rsh cover
nev cottee – renunciate
party dozen – earthly times
panda bear, sonic boom – edge of the edge
new order – leave me alone
carla dal forno – come around
king dude – 16 tons – cover
spaceheads – what does the money machine eat
stereolab, nurse with wound – simple headphone mind
téma boots
the kvb – boots
sonic youth – dirty boots
iggy pop – shoeshine girl
vu – venus in furs
tom waits – red shoes by the drugstore
bryan ferry – walk a mile in my shos – cover
luna – buffalo boots
brian eno – ill come running
modest mouse – lace your shoes
tindersticks – slipping shoes
morphine – in your shoes
nic cave, warren ellis – balcony man
múm – boots of fog
the durutti column – red shoes
jamc – the living end
los bitchos – the link is about to die
fake fruits – no mutu as
italia 90 – magdalene
aaron dilloway – blue studies (for tom smith)
robbie + mona – slow club LUV
special interest – follow me
soulsavers, mark lanegan – cant catch the train
rain tree crow – blackwater
king hannah – a well-made woman
holy fuck – ninety five
midwife – colorado
tan cologne – citrus beach
pan-american – outskirts, dreamlit
boris – (not) last song