GOOD OLD CZECHS is streaming now

Tomáš Bojar’s succesful documentary film „Good Old Czechs“ is coming to streaming platforms now.

If you are outside the Czech or Slovak Republic you can stream it on:

Availiabilty may vary depending on the country you are in.

The film tells the Odyssean story of Czechoslovak airmen fighting across war-torn Europe on both the Western and Eastern fronts during World War II.

The documentary brings to life the memories of fighter pilot František Fajtl and gunner Filip Jánský, two very different characters but with similar fates. Both served in the RAF during the war. The words of the airmen accompany us throughout the film in the form of a muted inner discourse – brought to life by the voices of a pair of actors of a similar age to the two of them during the war. In the editing composition, their words find themselves in juxtaposition with rich period archive footage and specially-composed music.

The director and screenwriter of the feature-length documentary Good Old Czechs is award-winning director Tomáš Bojar – the winner of the Proxima competition at this year’s Karlovy Vary IFF.

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