Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships results

foto Joona Kotilainen / Tovari Oy
foto Joona Kotilainen / Tovari Oy



The very 1st Heavy Metal Knitting World Champion is GIGA BODY METAL from Japan!

The winner of the very 1st Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships has been chosen! The title of 1st ever Heavy Metal Knitting Champion went to a Japanese group GIGA BODY METAL.

The first ever Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships were held on Thursday, July 11th 2019 in Joensuu, Finland. The winner of the title is GIGA BODY METAL from Japan. 2nd place went to Crafts with Ellen from Denmark and 3rd place to 9” Needles from the USA.

The jury rated the final performances by attitude, performing skills, on how the performer(s) took their audience and by ”Heavyknittinghood”. The jury explained the deicision of the winner: The performance had a story. The accessories and per- formance combined theri own culture, knitting and heavy. The performers took the space and their audience in control. The performers were at the same time serious and crazy, just like it should be.

Jury’s arguments for the act awarded as 2nd, Crafts with Ellen: The performer built a brand out of herself. Knitting was a part of the band and the needles were her instrument. The performance included special ninja gear. The performer had the audience under her control. Awarded as 3rd was a duo 9” Needles from the USA and the jury argumented: The performance had a story and included a battle. The performers made the space and crowd their own. The accessories were of top class.

The jury of 3 persons included: Markku Pyykkönen, Creative Director of Joensuu City, the drummer of local trash metal band Maniac Abductor Jesse Räsänen and PhD and University lecturer of Craft Science Henriikka Vartiainen.

For the title of Heavy Metal Knitting World Champion competed 12 acts. Finalists came from the following countries: Den- mark, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, the UK and the United States.

Heavy Metal Knitting is about combining handicrafts and heavy metal music in a fresh way. During the Heavy Knitting World Championships, the competitors knit to the rhythm of the music in a fashion somewhat similar to the air guitar, but the available tools will consist of knitting needles and a rocking attitude!




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