Interview: Acid Arab

Acid Arab, foto Roxy
Acid Arab, foto Roxy
Acid Arab is a band that plays Prague’s Roxy this April 4th. We chatted with them about the show and their plans.

You beautifully fuse music of the Orient with the Occident. Have you studied music formally, or are you self-taught?

We’re a 5 pieces band. Some of us are trained musicians, some self-taught.
What are your favourite musical instruments, or pieces of exuipment?
The mixer. It will give your music the required sound.
How do you build your live show?
Pieces of our songs + beats & basslines + keyboard solos.
How important are the visuals and videos for you?
Less than music.
You played the Colours of Ostrava festival if i am not mistaken, how do you remember that?
The artists we loved played the other nights. What a tragedy!
What about the ACID ARAB RECORDS?
Our label, with two releases: Rozzma, young producer from Cairo who brings together mahraganat, bass music and techno, and Zenobia, palestinian duet inspired by Daft Punk and dabke.
How do you approach remixing?
With love and fun.
What are your plans for 2019?
New album!!



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