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Linus Eklund on bartending and life

Linus is a young but succesful bartender from the cold north. Also a respected  Schweppes ambassador.

We asked how such a career goes.

Can you introduce yourself a bit?

Linus Eklund – Bar consultant based in Stockholm who has been working behind bars in the UK and Sweden for over 12 years.

What began as a way to pay the bills quickly turned into a serious passion for cocktails and full time obsession with developing flavours and ingredients. Currently you can find him at the cocktail bar in Stockholm’s At Six Hotel, as well as on a number of international guest shifts in collaboration with Schweppes Signature Program; but he’d probably prefer to meet you at the pub for a pint and a shot of whiskey.

What were the biggest milestones of your career?

World Class – the first time I participated in the Swedish top 10 World Class (2016) was probably the biggest.  (I have since participated twice).

Seeing the level of a global competition really pushed me to study and refine my techniques.  

What was the first time you encountered Schweppes, if you remember?

As long as I can remember, my father has always been drinking Schweppes Russchian (on its own).  It’s one of the few bitter drinks that worked quite well as an adult soft drink.  It goes without saying that Schweppes is a household name.

What do you like about the brand?

It’s iconic!  The heritage and the legacy… it speaks for itself.  The brand plays its own part in modern pop culture.  

What is the bar scene in Stockholm like?

Very up & coming.  There’s lots happening in a quickly growing bar community.  A lot of bars are using Nordic thinking.  Pureness of flavour, seasonal ingredients with a focus on sustainability.  There’s a lot of creativity to be found on the Stockholm cocktail scene.

A cocktail you are always coming back to?

Manhattan. Classic.  One of the best drinks ever created.  Simplicity at it’s finest!

What is the ideal guest for you when you are working?

Somebody who is interested in having a good time.