STUDIO BERLIN: An exhibition of Berlin contemporary artists in Berghain

STUDIO BERLIN/Berghain, © Rirkrit Tiravanija, courtesy neugerriemschneider Berlin, Foto: Noshe
STUDIO BERLIN/Berghain, © Rirkrit Tiravanija, courtesy neugerriemschneider Berlin, Foto: Noshe

In the STUDIO BERLIN exhibition, the Boros Foundation presents the works of over hundred contemporary artists who live and work in Berlin. The show features national and international perspectives in the fields of photography, sculpture, painting, video, sound, performance and installation. The exhibition, organized by Boros Foundation, takes place in Berghain, Panorama Bar, Säule and Halle.

The focus of the exhibition is the studio as a space for contemplation and production. Artists’ studios are venues for discussion, reflection, translation, analysis, and conceptual thinking. STUDIO BERLIN serves as a snapshot and exploration of the artists‘ current situation, documenting their point of view on today’s global shifts in socio-political paradigms.

Berlin has the highest density of studios and artists’ workshops in Europe, with artists from all over the world moving to the German capital. In Spring 2020 everything changed; planned exhibitions and art fairs were cancelled or postponed, galleries and museums closed and larger projects could not be executed inter alia. Similarly, clubs and nightlife in Berlin came to a sudden halt. The collaboration between Boros and Berghain emerged from this situation to offer Berlin-based artists a public platform to present their work and create a site for current dialogue.

The exhibition reflects a spectrum of perspectives from both up-and-coming and established artists. The network of exhibiting artists was selected independently of their galleries and remains open throughout the exhibition to continuously integrate new works


An exhibition of Berlin contemporary artists
A BERGHAIN and BOROS collaboration

From September 9 until the end of the year
Am Wiezener Bahnhof, Berlin