Alasdair Bouch to lyricists: Aim high!

Alasdair Bouch - foto ©Lukáš Legi
Alasdair Bouch - foto ©Lukáš Legi

„If you’re a lyricist in any non-native language, in any kind of professional capacity: please, PLEASE have a native speaker look at your work. Not just your mate from England who works in a bank (even if they are super-nice!). Ideally, a tried-and-tested professional with songwriting chops, but at the very least someone who understands the nuances of rhythm, language, poetry & song. The same applies if you are a singer – please get your pronunciation & stress timing checked. If you’re planning to throw a lot of time, effort & money at a live show, studio recording, video or media campaign, this should be your first step, not an afterthought. Aim high – you don’t want the message of the song to be the weakest link.“


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Alasdair Bouch

Singer-songwriter, lyricist, vocal pronunciation coach.