Interview: Kölsch

Rune Reilly Kölsch is a Danish Native who has worked under a ton of different monikes – as a producer, remixer and DJ. He plays an all night set in Prague’s Roxy in a few days (May 24) so we asked for an interview.

Did you and Sasha know each other before your collaboration “Lights” which was a big release on your IPSO label earlier this year, and how did you decide to record a track together?

We met some time ago in Ibiza, as i interviewed him for my BBC residency. We really hit it off, so we decided it would be fun to do a collaboration on IPSO. He is an amazing artist.

foto Roxy

Your show in Prague is All Night Long. Do you prefer long sets, and is there a big difference to the approach of long and short ones?

I always prefer long sets. My first residency in Copenhagen in the early 2000s, i always played 6-7 hours. I believe it is one of the essential skills to develop as a dj. Being able to hold an audiences attention for that long is tuff, but also very rewarding.

How do you like to approach remixing? What is a good remix for you?

A good remix can be 2 things. Either its an updated version of the original, maybe with and extended or changed arrangement, or its a new interpretation of the original. Something completely different.

It all depends on the original piece of music.

Listening to music in loud spaces

In one interview you said that you like 80s rock recordings which surprised me. 
Is there something about how they convey emotions in a sort of big, glamorous way, that speaks to you, or is that something you just “like” and dont need a reason to?

I like some 80s rock. Mostly what i like about it, is sonically.

The way they would mix and master records back then in their multimillion $ studios, just sounds incredible.

My preferences are bands like Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Paul Simon, Tom Petty. Its actually mostly Folk and Jazz inspired rock music that im into.

I think there is so much to learn from those days. A lot of inspiration.

How do you see running a label in 2019?

IPSO is more of an experimental platform than a label. Its only for my collaborations, or remixes i want to do. We don’t sign any artists as such, as i don’t feel i have the capability to handle other peoples careers. It would be fair to other artists.
DJ’ing long nights in your 40s can be a bit taxing, how do you keep the energy and good mood? How do you stay fit?

I work out 3-4 times a week and try and eat healthy. I recently had a slipped disc in my neck, so im extra careful these days. Regarding my mood, nothing makes me happier than listening to music in loud spaces.



24/05/2019, 23:00

support: Zissou

2nd stage: Dansi, SoulKate and special guest: Rory Cochrane (UK)

tix: 490 czk + popl