Gift Cards are now available to consumers in the Czech and Polish retail channels

epay is launching Gift Cards to 3,350 stores in Eastern Europe Gift Cards are now available to consumers in the Czech and Polish retail channels. epay, a Euronet Worldwide Company, is administering the technical and commercial implementation of this launch for Amazon. “By expanding to bothcountries, we are able to help provide Amazon with additional opportunities in Eastern Europe, while our retailers on location receive access to a portfolio of international brands similar to thatin Germany, where we are already a leading supplier of gift card and prepaid solutions,” saysMarc Ehler, managing director for epay in Europe.

Major promotion in the Czech Republic and Poland

For the Czech launch, epay is implementing the voucher solution as a “Claim Code on Receipt”concept at around 550 stores, including the subsidiaries of a number of major German retailers. With the service, customers receive a PIN on their receipt after making a purchase. This PIN can then be redeemed to a customer’s Gift Card Balance.

In Poland, physical gift cards have been introduced at around 2,800 stores, including a range of well-known supermarkets and convenience stores. “Claim Code on Receipt” are set to follow in December 2018 and “Account Loading via Barcode” at the beginning of next year.
To support the launch of its gift card solutions in both countries, Amazon is starting a major promotional campaign. From launch until 31st March 2019 customers making their first Top Up of€30 or more to their Amazon Gift Card Account via “Amazon Top Up in Store” will receive a €10 promotional credit. (terms and conditions apply)

epay introduces “Amazon Top Up in Store” with two ways to top up an Gift Card balance: “Claim Code on Receipt” and “Gift Card Account Loading via Barcode”

The two companies have been working closely together since 2013, launching the Gift Card solutions in 11 countries around the world, including Australia, Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States. The Amazon Gift Card is already one of the top sellers of epay in Germany boasting consistent growth rates for the company for years. The expansion to Eastern Europe also represents a major milestone for the payment processing and prepaid solutions expert. Atthe beginning of next year, “Amazon Top Up in Store” will also be available and administered in both Eastern European countries by epay’s proprietary cash register integration software. The Bavarian company introduced this application to 800 different stores in Germany’s largestnetwork of kiosks this year alone.



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