Mikkim: a new album Long Story Short

Maybe you’re in love with Caribbean skanks, or perhaps, electronic music is what gets
your heart pumping. Either way,“Long Story Short,” the 6th studio album from MikkiM, has
got you covered. But keep your mind open! You’ll also be hearing styles you’ve never
heard before. One of MikkiM’s logos has an “everything mixed with everything” symbol.
The DJ has taken that theme on as his mantra, beginning every song with a good beat
and bassline and evolving into something completely unique yet representative of all the
great music that came before it.
Mikkim is excited to welcome new and old friends onto the tape, offering diverse musical
backgrounds. The biggest names on the record are his long time collaborators Earl 16 and
MC Spee from Dreadzone, London rising star Blackout JA, leader of the Italian Band
Shanti Powa – Berise, MC Turner and many more talents coming from all parts of world.
The record is for those who aren’t tied to a specific genre cliches. Listen in if you want a lot
of brass and bass. Big Up